Welcome To Rossi Law Group

Thank you for visiting Rossi Law Group. We are a fully staffed and full service law firm with two offices dedicated to defending self-insured groups, insurance carriers, third party administrators, and employers in workers' compensation cases.

We handle all aspects of workers' compensation defense, including cases in chief, fraud investigation, §132a penalty petitions, S&W penalty petitions, lien resolution, and the appellate process. We have an in-house lien resolution department that handles the liens phase of cases handled by Rossi Law Group, as well as numerous other firms.

We handle claims involving many different trades including, for example, farm labor, construction, restaurants, manufacturing, and engineering.

We have extensive experience handling catastrophic injury and death claims.

We are extremely result-oriented as our only goal is to provide the best possible resolution for our clients. We take a very personal interest in our clients and consider ourselves members of their team. We do what it takes to protect them. Most importantly, our clients know that they are in good hands and that we are always there for them. It is for this reason that we have strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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