Lien Resolution Department

After the case in-chief phase of a claim is completed, the liens phase becomes the focus. RLG has an in-house lien department which handles not only the liens phase of all RLG files, but also lien-defense-only referrals from other firms.

RLG attorneys defend each case in-chief claim mindful of the liens phase following resolution. Relevant information obtained during litigation-- defenses, favorable medical reports, impeachment evidence, etc., is developed and evaluated by the case in-chief attorney and then passed on to the lien department. Armed with the evidence necessary to defend the liens, the lien attorneys then take over the claim. The RLG lien department provides each client with a detailed report and evaluation of every lien, and works diligently to effectively conclude the liens phase.

Often, despite the case in-chief being handled by other firms, our clients refer files to RLG for the liens phase. Our liens attorneys evaluate the defenses, provide a thorough report and evaluation of every lien, and begin the process of quickly and effectively resolving the liens.

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